Service Outage Kills Productivity

Webster’s defines an ‘interruption’ as a break in the continuity.

Well, my business, continuity and productivity was most definitely ‘interrupted’ when my carrier service stopped (again). See previous blog.

Tuesday September 25th, 2018 around 10:00am, CST, I began having problems making and receiving calls to clients. I received recordings that this number was no longer a working number, ringing with the call going to dead air to the *611 call tree not working as it had in the past.

Upon investigation, I discover that, once again, my service provider is experiencing difficulty resulting in a service “interruption” and continued till late Wednesday the 26th. We will see as the day transpires if progress is had.

In life, things happen that are simply out of our control.

However, what puzzles me is that I too provide a service to my clients in my business. When it is my fault, regardless of the reason, that my service model becomes compromised and IS NOT OFFERING THE SERVICE FOR WHICH I AM RECEIVING COMPENSATION, MY COMPENSATION SUFFERS———Period!!!

How is it that every single customer who is being charged and is currently paying a designated fee for cellular service with a carrier, whose service is then ‘interrupted’ for any reason, like my service above, IS NOT ENTITLED TO SOME FORM OF RENUMERATION?

Fact is, there should be reciprocity with any and all carriers for service contracted and paid for that is INTERRUPTED.

But why don’t you try to get some form of return based upon your individual interruption cost? It will not happen!  The first time that a carrier reimburses all customers effected by the service which they perform, and that same service which just failed to perform, will mark a watershed day in telecom.

However, I am guessing that this day will not ever happen!

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That’s The Point!

Larry Treas

Guild Master


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