Diving Requires Oxygen – So Does Your Business

In my nearly 40 years of communication experience, I know the following to be accurate. “All business today is analogous to ocean diving regardless of the depth. And all experienced divers, like those individuals managing companies of every shape and size, possess one essential need—-—the oxygen to survive.”

The preceding is particularly true in the business of telecom and the ever-changing landscape.

Staying with my ‘underwater analogy’, in order to avoid becoming just that, ‘underwater’, ALL BUSINESS MUST GENERATE ROI (return on investment) for their basic survival. Capital is the equivalent of the oxygen divers hold in their tanks. After the literal dive parameters have been thoroughly vetted, the diver is aware of how long he or she is able to ‘stay down’ prior to requiring the tanks to be refilled.

The primary difference in managing a business and diving, is that a business can replenish oxygen via an effective ROI, whereas divers only have that which is ‘in their tank and on their back’.

Put differently, the dive is finite in tenure. However, the business effort (when true to a well-conceived plan of attack) will serve to not only replace the oxygen/capital in the tank. It will create a supply of new oxygen for the purpose of diving further, longer and deeper.

The telecom business is like the ocean in that calm yet becomes turmoil in an instant. What worked perfectly yesterday is now archaic and out of touch today. The capital/oxygen of every business must generate an ROI and replenish itself, or the dive will end abruptly or as a slowly sinking ship. (And sometimes thought to be without warning, but actually not.)

When returns are ‘capital’ based, the demand for immediate or semi immediate gratification is absolute. In fact, this ‘gratification’ will always be measured by one or more tangible events—-the return of funds invested and the velocity of those returns.

The fear-based aspect of ‘running out of oxygen’ manifests itself in the following:

*Angry management

*Job loss and demotions



*Shareholder disappointment

*Stock declines

*The need to tap into lines of credit or raise additional capital

*Missed deadlines and benchmarks


Too often, the ‘oxygen’ requirements are misunderstood and/or analyzed incorrectly and disaster results.

In business, we are each divers and on our own dives. When ROI is able to be created THAT REQUIRES NO OXYGEN/CAPITAL OF ANY TYPE ON BEHALF OF YOUR COMPANY (be it large or small), YOUR DIVE SIMPLY CANNOT RESULT IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT WITH WHAT YOU STARTED. This is the text book definition of a ‘business dive’ with ZERO RISK—-PERIOD!

Dagger Guild specializes in helping you increase your lung capacity.

We help you dive deeper and faster through collaboration, short cuts to everyday services and tools – That’s The Point! We are the equivalent of ‘Master Divers’ in an ocean full of the archaic air tanks and scuba gear. Our desire for you is to be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest, so you can get there faster with less issues.

Telecom waters today are fickle and wrought with the storms of inconsistencies and perpetuation of bad and outdated systems, software and information of what customers want. Do not drown in these seas when the help you need is right here within the Dagger Guild community and other available resources!

That’s The Point!

Larry Treas

Guild Master