19 02, 2019

Trending Predictions For 2019 from Larry Treas of the Dagger Guild


Companies are buying companies or merging with other companies and teaming to increase their market share. The following are some of the more recent.

Trending Predictions For 2019 from Larry Treas of the Dagger Guild2019-02-22T15:53:01-06:00
13 11, 2018

Apple + Amazon = Industry Game Changer


Most of you have been made aware that Apple, the maker of the most popular smartphone on this planet, recently struck a new sales arrangement with Amazon, the largest and most profitable sales entity on the planet. On the surface, this feels like a magnificent revenue event for both giants. Although a certain type of Apple consumer products will not be offered for sale under the Amazon banner (like their speakers which competes directly with Amazon’s) this opens up a new sales delivery option for the ‘Apple faithful’. Why do we bring this up, as Dagger Guild [...]

Apple + Amazon = Industry Game Changer2018-11-13T17:01:46-06:00
12 11, 2018

Benchmarking / Competitive Pricing – Can You Afford to Not Review?


Can you afford to be paying 15%, 20% or even 35% more month after month? You might be saying, “this is the other person, not me”. Yet, how do you know you are not leaving money on the table unless you have verified what you are paying is competitively priced and optimized for today? The key word being today. Due to technology and other advancements, pricing has continued to plummet every year for all kinds of services. Therefore, management desires to know if what they are paying is where it should be. So then, why do I [...]

Benchmarking / Competitive Pricing – Can You Afford to Not Review?2018-11-14T10:00:14-06:00
9 10, 2018

‘Come Together—Right Now’


I saw ‘A Star Is Born’ yesterday. Really good flick if you are a music fan (Gaga is amazing). However, I was equally struck by the theater ads prior to the feature which had an Abbey Road Beatle’s tune-‘Come Together’. It is simply amazing that the song remains relevant after half a century. Every bit as poignant now as the day it was penned.   As a telecom fanatic, my favorite thing about the tune is the ‘rotary phone’ sound they managed to recreate in the studio with a series of drum beats and bass riffs. The [...]

‘Come Together—Right Now’2018-10-09T15:24:43-06:00
28 09, 2018

Service Outage Kills Productivity


Webster’s defines an ‘interruption’ as a break in the continuity. Well, my business, continuity and productivity was most definitely ‘interrupted’ when my carrier service stopped (again). See previous blog. Tuesday September 25th, 2018 around 10:00am, CST, I began having problems making and receiving calls to clients. I received recordings that this number was no longer a working number, ringing with the call going to dead air to the *611 call tree not working as it had in the past. Upon investigation, I discover that, once again, my service provider is experiencing difficulty resulting in a service "interruption" [...]

Service Outage Kills Productivity2018-10-09T14:12:08-06:00