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About Larry Treas

My name is Larry Treas and I am CEO and Head of New Thinking at Dagger. I have 35 years of witnessing the madness that blows through companies around the world, and it’s a foul breeze. I created the Dagger Guild to forge peer discussions, mentoring sessions, and specific information pipeline deliverables to address, solve and alleviate the standard issue nothingness you go through daily. Dagger has no allegiance, no affiliation, and no ties to carriers, vendors, advertisers or telecom marketers of any kind. As a result, our advice is both untethered and unbiased. You can see from my CV/resume my track record and years of experience. The Dagger Guild is my dream built upon the belief that together, we will create the next generation of heroes.
28 12, 2018

Satya Narayana Nadella – CEO of Microsoft


Was not afraid to ask why all of these things happened to him Learned empathy, empathy for where customers are at Core to Innovation is to listen and learn from customers He as well as Bill Gates does not believe in sugar coating a conversation, very candid Key to success See secular trends long before they become conventional wisdom and change your business model to meet Our job is to meet unmet, un-articulated needs of the customer. This is not going to happen if we don’t listen

Satya Narayana Nadella – CEO of Microsoft2019-08-28T09:07:48-06:00
28 12, 2018

Masayoshi Son – SoftBank Founder


Has found investors by telling them he is Going to give them a gift of $$$$$ Trillion Dollars This is my name You don’t have to look at me, keep working just want to see you. Just want 3 minutes of your time Don’t look at the past but look at the future What is the most useful for me to spend my time on right now Worked only 5 minutes per day

Masayoshi Son – SoftBank Founder2018-12-28T16:55:20-06:00
28 12, 2018

Condoleezza Rice – Past Secretary of State


Keys to success Watch out for political risk All good leaders have integrity Work twice as hard as everyone else Don’t believe you are a victim Note: Larry likes all things stated and agrees with

Condoleezza Rice – Past Secretary of State2018-12-28T16:55:20-06:00