Are You The Hunter or The Hunted In Telecom Today?

I’m Larry Treas, CEO of Dagger Guild. When I chose to embark upon my telecom journey nearly 40 years ago, I had no idea of all the places (both literally and figuratively) I would experience.

Let it suffice to say, the degree of landscape change that the overall telecom field has been through, particularly in the last 15 years, is staggering! Today, the fact is, unless you choose to be ‘out of communication’, your options to be ‘in communication’ are limitless.

With this expanse, massive vendors compete for your business in whichever ways they deem the most productive. Their marketing budgets and gimmicks designed to catch the attention of your eye and your check book know zero bounds. It is in every essence of the phrase, a ‘win the customer at any cost’ game.

Dagger Guild is here to assist companies of every shape and size in their efficient usage and cost and management of their telecom. We and your peers are your guide through the maze of carrier and vendor offerings and their constantly evolving programs and plans so that you never take your eye off your quest to perfect your own services or products brought to market due to a telecom glitch.

That’s The Point!’ is our tag line and it truly says it all. You specialize in what you do while Dagger Guild specializes in collaborating with you on the optimization and efficiencies associated with all things telecom. Our telecom focus allows you to maintain yours on the things required to win your business race.

Dagger Guild:

-Advises your team with any and all new telecom technologies, developments and market advantages

-Collaborates, coaches, mentors your team in all telecom management processes

-Finds improperly invoiced funds rightfully belonging to you, the customer, and returns them

We are Dagger Guild. And the sole reason we say ‘That’s The Point!’ is simply because IT IS!


Larry Treas

Guild Master